MC House: Modern and Minimalist Interior of A Summer House

MC House 4

MC House is a summer house with a modern and minimalist interior design located in Bodrum, a rising residential area of Kızılburun. The interior design is made by escapefromsofa as a 2014 project. The modern and minimalist interior is supported by some luxurious materials and also a lot of custom-designed furniture.


MC House 1

MC House 2

The design layout is about a combination of some rooms such as a single guest room, two rooms, one master room, an open kitchen, and also a dining area. There is also a terrace garden with an awesome Bodrum view that can be seen from every single room inside the house.



MC House 3

MC House 4

The designer uses a modern and a minimalist interior design at the same time to design this house. The design shows itself through each detail inside the house, including the furniture, the decoration, floor, and ceiling.



MC House 5

MC House 6

The minimalist styles in the living space are combined with some luxurious materials like brass. The Italian marbles are also used in floorings and furnishings. The summer spirit inside the house comes from the texturized bright colored fabrics.



MC House 7

MC House 8

MC House has an interesting interior design that comes from its furniture. All the furniture in this house is custom designed and also hand-crafted. The storage units and midcentury style cabinets can make every single space in the house feels more comfortable.



MC House 9

MC House 10

Another special thing from MC House is its interior design of the garden terrace. An awesome view of Bodrum can be seen from this terrace. Some outdoor furniture is used to fill up the terrace interior with blue and white finishing. It matched well with the summer spirit theme.

Via escapefromsofa

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