House MV: Small Project of A House with Modern Interior and Outdoor Living Area

House MV 7

The construction of House MV is the part of a small project that includes six homes. The idea of a modern interior and an outdoor living area of this house comes from the customer’s request to have a “home type”, making it looks unique based on their needs. House MV has been completed in 2017 located in Rosà VI, Vicenza, Veneto, Italy.


House MV 14

House MV 13

House MV 12

The whole design of House VM is kind of unique. The interior is modern but the exterior looks more simple. There is an outdoor living area with white chairs and table. It is very interesting and also inviting for everyone who sees it.


Outdoor Living

House MV 11

House MV 10

House MV 9

The main front area of this house is looking toward the countryside of its neighboorhood. The clients already manifested their need to have an awesome outdoor living when summer comes, creating the best area to enjoy the warm weather.



House MV 8

House MV 7

House MV 6

The interior comes in a beautiful white color on the house wall, floor, and also the furniture. The wall doesn’t have too much decoration, creating a simple look. The floor is designed with white marble materials. Most of the furniture is made from woods painted in white color.



House MV 5

House MV 4

House MV 3

The use of wood materials can be seen in the bathroom and around the staircase as an access to the upper floor. The wooden storage in the bathroom is not only a storage but also creating a natural look to this private room. Right on the ceiling above the staircase, there is a sky window with a wooden frame.



House MV 2

House MV 1

The modern interior design is not only the main character of House MV. You can see another interesting character design in its outdoor living area. This area has large openings with marble flooring, providing a comfortable area o vie the great landscape around the house.

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