10 Modern Living Room Ideas for Your Next Remodel Project

E2211 House 14

In order to design a modern living room, you need to add clean lines and simple color schemes. A modern living room is about neutrality (neutral colors) and minimalism (less decoration). We have gathered 10 modern living room ideas for your next remodel project. Check them out!

1. Belvedere House by Gustavo Penna Arquiteto & Associados

Belvedere House 6

This modern house is designed by Gustavo Penna Arquiteto & Associados and is completed in 2003. Belvedere House uses simple color schemes for its modern living room, highlighted by a red carpet for the room’s wooden floor.

Photographer: Jomar Bragança


2. Nasledie by Kerimov Architect

Nasledie 41

Designed by Kerimov Architects, Nasledie is a modern apartment located in Moscow. The modern living room ideas in this apartment are about a play of materials and textures. The use of neutral colors such as white and grey are also used to invite people to relax.

Photographer: Dmitry Chebanenk


3. 484 North Parkway in Golden Beach by SDH Studio Architecture + Design

484 North Parkway In Golden Beach 6

It is a single-family residence designed by SDH Studio Architecture + Design. The modern living room idea in 484 North Parkway in Golden Beach uses different colors to create a decorative look. In its modern living room, there are wooden chairs, purple pillows, grey sofas, and a patterned rug.

Photography: SDH Studio Architecture + Design


4. Ster House by Delution

Ster House 7

Designed by Delution, this modern house has a comfortable modern living room that dominated in neutral-warm colors. The modern living room idea in Ster House uses neutral colors that come from the grey sofa, wood element, and a patterned rug to give a warm feeling.

Photographer: Fernando Gomulya


5. Tumble Creek Cabin by Coates Design Architects

Tumble Creek Cabin 1

This vacation home has a modern living room idea that uses neutral elements (especially wood) to beautify the room. Designed by Coates Design Architects, you can find wooden furniture and black leather chairs in the living room in Tumble Creek Cabin.

Photography: Coates Design Architects


6. E2211 House by Ravel Architecture

E2211 House 14

The modern living room idea in E2211 House combines different colors that come from different things (white sofas, a red rug, a wooden table). Designed by Ravel Architecture, the living area in this house sits on the same floor as the dining without any separation.

Photographer: Chase Daniel


7. Victoria Residence by Nico van der Meulen Architects

Victoria Residence 27

This modern residence is designed by Nico van der Meulen Architects, offering a softer and comforting interior that also can be found in the living room. The modern living room idea in Victoria Residence is about simplicity where neutral colors are combined without a lot of decoration.

Photographer: Anton van Straaten


8. Viewing Back by HYLA Architects

Viewing Back 13

This two-storey semi-detached house is designed by HYLA Architects, offering a modern interior made from different materials. For its modern living room, Viewing Back has a grey sofa, a black table, and also beautiful granite that uses to beautify the room’s floor.

Photographer: Derek Swalwell


9. Travertine Dream House by Wallflower Architecture + Design

Travertine Dream House 13

Located in Singapore, Travertine Dream House is designed by Wallflower Architecture as a modern residence. Surrounded by a lot of gardens and water bodies, the modern living room in this residence is not only simple with its neutral colors but also cool with its fresh environment.

PhotographyWallflower Architecture + Design


10. Easton Residence by Diebel and Company

Easton Residence 21

The modern living room in Easton Residence offers a bright atmosphere with beautiful simplicity. Designed by Diebel and Company, the modern living room idea in this house uses wood and grey elements that come from the rug and furniture.

Photographer: Obeo

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