6 Flooring Tips To Make A Room Look Bigger

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Not everyone can afford large living spaces. The idea that a larger home equals more freedom and variety when it comes to decorations and improvements isn’t necessarily true. It’s possible to work wonders on your small spaces and make them look bigger and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

There are many different types of tips and tricks that can be used to increase the space in your small home. One aspect that you should consider is a room’s flooring. Interior designers believe that with a few reworks, revamped flooring can create an illusion of bigger room space. This article will give you a few guidelines to follow when doing so.

  1. Go Diagonal

One of the first things to look at when trying to make a room look bigger is the pattern. You should follow the diagonal rule. Diagonal lines on your floor create the illusion that there’s more space than there actually is. Because of its dynamic nature, a diagonal layout can create a sense of movement and intrigue.

When a person walks into a room, it’s human nature for the eyes to be drawn to the widest part of a pattern (a technique used in art as well). So if you’re going to be using hardwood floors, ceramic tiles, or a lined carpet for your flooring, make good use of the diagonal rule.

  1. Play With Light And Dark Floors

Both light and dark floors can make a room feel more spacious, as long as you know the tricks in using them.

If you decide to go with light flooring, you need to make sure your furniture compliments it. Light and neutral colors attract a lot of natural light into a room, giving it an open feel that helps make the room appear larger. When we talk of pairing the floor with the furniture, we’re talking about cream tiles matched with white or beige furniture.

The trick to dark floors is to pair them with light walls. Whilst on their own, dark floors already have a potentially uninviting feel to them. The present contrast when pairing them with a light-shaded wall enhances the space widening effect wonderfully. Using a lighter ceiling shade with a dark floor creates the illusion that the ceiling is higher than it really is and opens up the room as a result.

  1. Mind The Floor Direction

If going diagonal isn’t an option, you can consider the floor direction when installing your floorboards. Ensure that they’re running parallel to the longest wall in the room. You can employ this by laying them widthwise instead of lengthwise. This gives the floor the appearance of receding into the distance, further elongating the room.

  1. Keep In Mind That Size Matters

If you choose to use hardwood flooring, you should install wider planks as opposed to thinner ones. It’s advised to choose wider planks over their thinner counterparts for it’s believed to help in making the room feel more spacious.

If you’re more of a tile person, install larger tiles. Larger tiles equal less grout use during installation. Smaller tiles mean more lines for the eyes to focus on which results in a cramped feeling appearing in the mind. So with tiles, the bigger the better. The improved depth works wonders on the appearance of the room with the use of floor tiling of bigger sizes.

  1. Practice Consistency

Keeping the flooring pattern the same across a majority of the rooms helps create a seamless design that suggests ‘boundlessness’ in your living space. It’ll seem as if each room effortlessly flows into the other making the home seem more spacious and inviting.

Keeping it uniform also refers to the patterns you decide to go with on the flooring. Simple, uncluttered designs are said to work best. If there’s too much going on with the floor, it creates the same cramped feeling you’ll experience when trying to focus on an area with too many lines. The eyes become overwhelmed.

  1. Use Rugs And Other Floor Accessories Wisely

One would assume that adding a rug or two would contribute to a more cluttered feel. This is only true if done incorrectly.

If a furniture piece is placed haphazardly across the room, then yes, you’re going to be left with a cramped room. When choosing a rug, choose one that’s lightweight and compliments the other furniture fixtures in the room. Place it in the direct center and leave floor space around it clutter-free. This will create an illusion of added space instead of occupying a limited area.


Make sure you have fun with the process, studies have shown that renovating your home is a good way of relieving stress. A lot of the time when a homeowner is trying to make their space appear bigger, they’re more open to decluttering both in the home and the mind. So have fun with it. Get creative and enjoy the feel of making your living space more beautiful and spacious with the abovementioned tips.

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