Manacas House: A Modern House with A Simple Gesture and Large Openings

Manacas House 5

This modern house is designed for young people who love photography, painting, and music. Completed in 2006 by Gustavo Penna Arquiteto & Associados, Manacas House offers a modern house with a simple gesture and large openings.


Manacas House 1

Manacas House 2

Manacas House 3

Manacas House 4

Manacas House 5

This house is designed with a lot of architecture and natural elements inside and outside. Due to the couple who like uncomplicated things, this modern house comes in a simple gesture. The large openings to the landscape allow the couple to enjoy the awesome views.



Manacas House 6

Manacas House 7

Manacas House 8

Manacas House 9

It is a project where plans and signals are combined to enrich perspectives and paths. The countenance of this house consists of transparencies and semi-transparencies and filtered lights as well that reveal intimacy and extroversion atmosphere.


Manacas House Gallery


Photographer: Leonardo Finotti

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