MG House: A Modern House Made Up of Two Pure Volumes

MG House 10

Made up of two pure volumes, this house sits in an extensive plot of lush tree species located in the southern area of Córdoba City, Argentina. With 410 m2 in size, MG House is a modern house project that has been completed by MoMa Arquitectas in 2019.


MG House 1

MG House 1 1

MG House 2

MG House 2 1

MG House 3

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MG House 4

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MG House 5

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MG House 6

There are two pure volumes in this project which are perpendicular to each other. The lower volume is arranged across the land, open towards the landscape, and closed towards the street. The upper volume is more private and oriented to the central garden with awesome visuals and lighting.



MG House 6 1

MG House 7

MG House 7 1

MG House 8

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MG House 9

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MG House 10

MG House 10 1

MG House 11

MG House 11 1

The solid volume is the ground floor with two stone bases and a perimeter beam of exposed concrete. The upper floor of this house sits on a light metal structure that generates a lower void where the gallery is arranged.

There are two large wooden cubes are raised inside the social space, containing mobile enclosures with the intention of spatial integrity and generating fluidity. Through large translucent cloths in all rooms, the continuity outside the house can be achieved directly. The same effect also can be found in the bedrooms with metal parasols but in a controlled manner.


MG House 12

MG House 12 1

MG House 13

MG House 13 1

MG House 14

MG House 15

MG House 16

MG House 17

MG House 18

MG House 19

MG House 20

The connection point for the two volumes is the staircase. The house materials in this project are resolved with wood, metal, exposed concrete, and stone. The exterior space design of this house consists of complementing and contrasting the strongly rational orthogonal with organic forms provided by the existing and proposed structuring vegetation and the layout.



MG House 21

MG House 22

MG House 23

MG House 24

MG House 25

MG House 26

MG House 27

MG House 28

MG House 29

MG House 30

MG House 31

MG House 32

MG House 33

MG House 34

MG House 35

MG House 36

MG House 37

MG House 38

MG House 39

MG House 40

The generating idea of Natural-Artificial comes from the proposed counterpoints. There are three large sectors that are defined from the proposal’s functional and morphological characteristics: Grove, Pool – Meadow, Entrance Garden – Gallery.

Assuming the transitional role between the private and public areas is the first sector. The second is the social area that is provided by two main elements: the pool and gallery. The last sector is orientated to the south and made up of the forest and meadow.


MG House Gallery


Photographer: Gonzalo Viramonte

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