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Compass House: An LEED Gold-Certified Home for A Spiritually Resonant Experience

Designed as a residential refuge, Compass House is a LEED Gold-Certified home located in Canada. It is a 2015 residential project by Superkül, offering a spiritually resonant experience that comes from a balance of several elements. With a striking white exterior, it attracts everyone’s attention.

Active Houses: A Holistic Approach to Home Design with Environmental Responsibility and Energy Efficiency

Designed for Great Gulf by Superkul, Active House projects are setting new sustainability standards for residential development in Canada. The aim is to meet the construction metrics outlined by the program by the European Active House. It is a holistic approach to home design with environmental responsibility and energy efficiency.

Reed’s Bay House: A Simple Year-Round Residence with Simple Volumetric Forms

It is a simple year-round residence that sits on the largest island in the Thousand Islands archipelago in Wolfe Island. Reed’s Bay House is designed by Superkul, modeled on a traditional long barn with simple volumetric forms. With 1,575 SF in size, this residence also has operable skylights and windows to admit daylight into every room.

The Golden Nugget: A Two-Storey Building with Buff-Yellow Brick and Contemporary Interior

Located in Toronto, ON, this two-storey converted furnace factory is a home for some small- and medium-sized creative businesses. The Golden Nugget is designed by Superkul that engaged by the owner to expand the premises through a 600-square-meter addition. This building is highlighted with the use of buff-yellow brick while the contemporary interior interprets a typical factory building interior.

+HOUSE: A Four-Season Home with A Green Roof and Heat-Mirror Triple Glazing

Located in Mulmur with 2,150 SF in size, +HOUSE is a four-season home that nestled into a natural verdant slope and sited along the banks of a stream-fed pond. This special house is designed by Superkul for a client with environmental sensitivities. A green roof and heat-mirror triple glazing are only a few of the awesome features of this LEED Gold-certified project.

What Remains to be Seen: A Container for Art with Dramatic Interior Spatial Qualities

This modern house functions as a container for art, displaying the clients’ extensive contemporary art collection. What Remains to be Seen is a residential project by Superkül with 3,950 SF in size. Designed for two professionals in the Old Mill neighborhood of Toronto, this house offers dramatic interior spatial qualities which are most apparent in the vast double-height gallery atrium.

Woodhouse: A Rural Country House with A Modern Addition and A Textured Material Palette

Designed for a couple and their two children, Woodhouse is a striking rural country house located near Creemore, Ontario in the Municipality of Grey Highlands. With a modern addition and existing 19th-century wood log cabin, this house sits in a large clearing on a heavily wooded 90-acre site. Superkül uses a warm, textured material palette to reflect the affable and lively spirit of the clients through this house.

House at Springhill: A Fresh Interpretation of the Ontario Farmhouse with A Steeply Pitched Roofline

This awesome house is located on 16 scenic acres on the Niagara Escarpment, Mulmur, ON. House at Springhill is designed as a retreat by Superkül for a couple with grown children. It is a fresh interpretation of the Ontario farmhouse with 3,500 SF in size that replaces an old family cottage with its steeply pitched roofline.