A Loft in Paris: Small Interventions for A Big Difference in A Loft Apartment

A Loft In Paris 3

It is a project about improvement on the floor plan and layout of a loft apartment in Paris. NAME Architecture tries to maximize the use of space and add an additional bedroom in A Loft in Paris. This loft apartment is located in Paris, France with 160 m2 in size. This project demonstrates that small interventions can make a big difference.


A Loft In Paris 1

A Loft In Paris 2

This loft apartment has an illogical layout with semi-open spaces and substantial lost space in corridors. the configuration of the kitchen is transformed with discreet changes to wall positions. Space is also created to introduce an additional bedroom. A feeling of light and space can be created with semi-translucent wall partitions and careful furniture design.



A Loft In Paris 3

Through this loft apartment, this project can demonstrate how small interventions can make a big difference. In order to define the areas, bespoke furniture is chosen to preserving the open views too. Clean lines reorganize space in a continuous flow and also create strong perspective views.

A Loft In Paris 4

Most of the materials used for the new interventions are blended with the existing loft features while an appealing aesthetic to the bathrooms is provided by suspended and free-standing elements with a palette of white finishes.


A Loft in Paris Gallery


Photography: NAME Architecture

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