Camino de Playa: A Little House with Strong Walls Built of Granite Blocks

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Camino de Playa was a long-abandoned house founded by Jamie Fobert and Dominique Gagnon in 2004. This house is located at the sandy paths in The Costa da Vela Nature Reserve, Galicia. Both Jamie and Dominique is interested in this house, especially when they have a chance discovery to design and transform the ruin into a comfortable little house.

Granite Blocks

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Camino De Playa 11

When you see the house from a distance, it looks like the same as it ever did before the transformation. It has a strong wall built of granite blocks. This house is also concealed behind its original walls. It is excavated into the rock. The total large is about 155-meter square with courtyard and four bedrooms.



Camino De Playa 5

There is an infinity pool that cascades down to one wall of the house new courtyard below. The sloping site, especially the top part, you can see some existing pines which are already weighted and shaped. Those pines can make a natural parasol complete with the flowering succulents, cork oaks, and olive trees.



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Camino De Playa 6

Camino De Playa 7

The courtyard of Camino de Playa is designed with comfortable seating area, outdoor kitchen, and also a large chestnut dining table. This courtyard is the first room of the house with a beautiful sky for the roof. The wall and floor are made from local granite with Corten steel elements and honey-toned chestnut. The three large Corten shutters become the access from the courtyard into the house.



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Camino De Playa 3

The interior of Camino de Playa is simple but also detail. It reveals the house construction with granite wall and also the chestnut ceiling. In the kitchen, the ceiling is designed with handmade terracotta tiles. The wooden furniture and kitchen set makes this room feels natural and warm.



Camino De Playa 2

The bedroom is designed with a bathroom complete with WC and shower for each. It makes this house is very comfortable, especially for a large number of the guests. The bedroom is also filled with some wooden stuff and furniture.


Second Little House

Camino De Playa 10

Camino De Playa 9

There is an adjacent small building near the house. Previously, it was used as a storage. Now, it has been transformed into a second little house next to Camino de Playa. This second little house has its own a mezzanine sleeping level, shower room, and also kitchen.



Camino De Playa 14

The drawing is made by the local architect, Marta Gutierrez Mosquera Arquitecto. With this detail drawing, Camino de Playa can be built with the best design without removing its original and natural granite blocks.


The Site

Camino De Playa 15

Camino De Playa 13

At first, Camino de Playa looks like a ruin. With its three vertical openings, Jamie is inspired to create a comfortable rural bolthole with 12 years in total for the whole construction, planning, negotiation, and design.

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