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Pierre et Vacances Residence: An Apartment Building on the Steep Cliff

Completed in 1991, this apartment building is designed by Jean Nouvel Ateliers for Société d’investissement Pierre et Vacances (SIPV) as the client. Located in France, Pierre et Vacances Residence consists of 174 vacation homes and other awesome facilities. The challenge of this project is the site where the building is built on the steep cliff.

Passive House: A Two-Storey House with A Wood Frame and Concrete Base

Located in Saint Clair, France, Passive House is a 2013 residential project by rhb architectes. It is a two-storey house with 191 m2 of the total size, built with a structure made of a wood frame and completed with a concrete base. There is also a thermal performance of this house that comes from its floor, wall, and floor glazing.

Zénith de Saint-Étienne: A New Cultural Destination with An Aerodynamic Roof and Flexible Performance Space

Zénith de Saint-Étienne is the result of an international design competition in 2004. It is a new cultural destination for Saint-Etienne that characterized by its aerodynamic roof and flexible performance space. It is also the first purpose-built state-of-the-art music venue for the Rhone-Alpes region of central southern France. This awesome project is completed in 2008 with 14,800m² in size and 7,200 for capacity.

The White Apartment: Transformation of Two Adjoining Apartments into A New Family Home

The brief of The White Apartment is to create a new home for a family with two young children. Designed by NAME Architecture, this apartment is located in Paris, France with 140 m2 in size. Two adjoining apartments have been combined and transformed into a new family home for this family who wants to stay in central Paris.

A Loft in Paris: Small Interventions for A Big Difference in A Loft Apartment

It is a project about improvement on the floor plan and layout of a loft apartment in Paris. NAME Architecture tries to maximize the use of space and add an additional bedroom in A Loft in Paris. This loft apartment is located in Paris, France with 160 m2 in size. This project demonstrates that small interventions can make a big difference.

The Brick House Extension: A Family House with the Use of A Single Material

Located in a Conversation Area in Vincennes, France, NAME Architecture uses a contemporary approach to brick extends a family house. The Brick House Extension is 80 m2 in size and it sits along a beautiful forest on the outskirts of Paris. The house shape is articulated through the use of a single material: brick.

A Barn Extension: An Extension to the Existing Barn with New Living Spaces

This barn has a “topographical event” that slipped into a level curve to enjoy the surrounding landscape. This event also shelters the extension of a dwelling in the Hautes-Pyrénées. A Barn Extension is a 2010 project designed by PPA Architectures and located in Lesponne, France. The program is adding an extension to this barn and also creating new living spaces.

Square Maïmat: Construction of 44 Housing Units with An Extended Interior Living Space

Completed in 2018, Square Maïmat is a construction project of 44 housing units by PPA Architect in collaboration with Emma Blanc. With 2,826 m² in size, it is an urban and landscaped project that offers residents a renewed quality of life in Square Maïmat, France. The interior living space of the accommodation is extended with a simple form and rational structure.

Maison Martel: A Family House Construction with A Simple Expression and Various Spaces

The Martel Family has three characters with strong personalities. By translating the personalities of the residents and maximizing the potential of the site, PPA Architecture constructs this family house and turns it into a house that blends perfectly with its surroundings. Maison Martel is simple in its expression and also providing some various spaces in the best qualities. It is a 2014 project of a family house located in Toulouse, France.