The Brick House Extension: A Family House with the Use of A Single Material

The Brick House Extension 2

Located in a Conversation Area in Vincennes, France, NAME Architecture uses a contemporary approach to brick extends a family house. The Brick House Extension is 80 m2 in size and it sits along a beautiful forest on the outskirts of Paris. The house shape is articulated through the use of a single material: brick.


The Brick House Extension 1

The Brick House Extension 2

It is a compact extension that houses three functions: a dining area, kitchen, and parking area. There is also a creative studio for the owner to provide a comfortable space to find more inspirations. This family house is also unique because it is designed with the use of one material only.



The Brick House Extension 3

The Brick House Extension 4

The original house has strong features that are extended in the design of this jewel-like shape. This way is done in a play with material and formal continuity. The shape is carved by local regulations and articulated through the use of a single material: brick. This material is used to generate all house’s surfaces while the lines of the house can retain a trace on some new additions.


The Brick House Extension Gallery


Photography: NAME Architecture

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