9 Impressive Furnishing Tiny Houses

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When you have a tiny house, you should have creative tips and ideas to make your house comfortable when it comes to filling its space with furniture. Start from the bed, tables, chairs, and even the decoration too need to be arranged well in this kind of house. It doesn’t mean you can’t have a perfect tiny house for living, you just need more inspirations to complete it. Here are some impressive furnishing tiny houses to inspire you.

1. Hermes City Plaza – The Room by Joyce Kelder from Standard Studio

Hermes City Plaza –The Room 7

Inspired by a tiny house movement to provide 218 student houses, Hermes City Plaza – The Room offers a tiny space that designed in a clever way with bamboo as the main material. There is a small mezzanine used as the bed area. The mini stair is created by piling up some wooden storage while at the corner, there is a wooden small table.


2. Tiny Tower by Interface Studio Architects

Tiny Tower 6

It is a tower-like house sits on a 12’ by 29’ lot whose similarly scaled neighbors, used as rear yards and single-car parking for the adjacent houses. Tiny Tower is a tiny house that has a long and narrow space. For the furniture, the architect uses a few simple furniture only such as a small sofa, a wooden round table, and even adding a pot of plant.


3. Pinheiros House by Felipe Hess Arquitetos

Pinheiros House 20

Formed by blocks and distributed over three floors in 500m² of the project size, Pinheiros House offers a balance between the building and its surrounding nature. For the interior of its living room, modern wooden furniture in white and grey is combined with the use of wooden material for the floor and glass material for the wall.


4. Wilderness House by Archterra Architects

Wilderness House 3

The design of Wilderness House is made by combining a large area of glass and a modernist elevated platform. In order to create a balanced appearance, the same wooden furniture such as a dining table and chairs are used to fill up the interior space while darker furniture is chosen to complete the living space.


5. Longbranch Interiors by Jim Olson and Charlie Hellstern from Olson Kundig

Longbranch Interiors 7

This awesome bunkhouse is a project to create a contemporary interior in a private retreat. Longbranch Interiors is designed by combining some natural materials including the wooden furniture that looks unique and also rustic, combined with natural colors and textures.


6. Slim Fit by ANA ROCHA Architecture

Slim Fit 10

This permanent micro dwelling is called Slim Fit with a highlight that comes from the color of the furniture in its dining area. With the same theme between the interior design and the wooden table, the two blue chairs and blue decorations on the table can bring a decorative appearance in a such as a plain room.


7. 20th St by Mork Ulnes Architects

20th St 3

The furnishing tiny house concept for 20th St is about bringing simple and beautiful furniture into its modern rooms. For example in the living area, a wooden bench is set together with a wooden table. Near them, a red sofa is placed with a unique wooden table with a glass surface.


8. Lilyfield Scarp by Benn and Penna Architects

Lilyfield Scarp 4

For furnishing tiny house concept in Lilyfied Scrap, furniture with a little rustic design is chosen to complete the interior design of the rooms. In the dining area, a rustic dining table is combined with old=fashioned chairs while the living room gets its own charm with the brown leather sofa.


9. Studio Vila Olimpia by Tria Arquitetura

Studio Vila Olimpia 5

As a compact apartment with flexible spaces, Studio Vila Olimpia has a simple and also modern furniture that decorates its interior space. With the design of wooden structure, a comfortable sitting area, extra storage, and a mini-bed can be created.


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