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The White Apartment: Transformation of Two Adjoining Apartments into A New Family Home

The brief of The White Apartment is to create a new home for a family with two young children. Designed by NAME Architecture, this apartment is located in Paris, France with 140 m2 in size. Two adjoining apartments have been combined and transformed into a new family home for this family who wants to stay in central Paris.

A Loft in Paris: Small Interventions for A Big Difference in A Loft Apartment

It is a project about improvement on the floor plan and layout of a loft apartment in Paris. NAME Architecture tries to maximize the use of space and add an additional bedroom in A Loft in Paris. This loft apartment is located in Paris, France with 160 m2 in size. This project demonstrates that small interventions can make a big difference.

The Brick House Extension: A Family House with the Use of A Single Material

Located in a Conversation Area in Vincennes, France, NAME Architecture uses a contemporary approach to brick extends a family house. The Brick House Extension is 80 m2 in size and it sits along a beautiful forest on the outskirts of Paris. The house shape is articulated through the use of a single material: brick.

City Approach Penthouses: Four Rooftop Apartments with Private Terraces and Conservatories

Located in the Moorfields Conservation Area, Islington, London, UK, City Approach Penthouses is an architecture project designed by NAME Architecture with 870m2 in size. The aim is to create a roof addition on an Edwardian building and also to complement the existing building and broader street scene. The result is four rooftop apartments with private terraces and conservatories.

Wood House: New Interventions with A Contemporary Design and Materials

It is an interior project designed by NAME Architecture. Located in Paris, France with 120 m2 in size, Wood House is designed to create contemporary living conditions. The new interventions are about an ingenious reconfiguration of space which is contemporary in design and materials. The result is a comfortable interior with stunning contrast.