Ridge House: A Compact Guesthouse with Three Small Volumes and Solid Concrete

Ridge House 12

Mork Ulnes Architects has been completed a guesthouse project in 2018. Ridge House is a compact Sonoma guesthouse in California that suspending guest rooms over the edge of a plateau. There are three small volumes combined with the use of solid concrete to design the building walls and roof.


Ridge House 1

Ridge House 2

Ridge House 3

The board-formed concrete sculpted in this guesthouse into the austere volumes and carves into the dry earth. This makes the guest rooms over a plateau’s edge. The building has three small volumes that step down that nesting into the natural contours of the site so the building mass is softened into the hillside.



Ridge House 4

Ridge House 5

Ridge House 6

The rich, rusty colorations of the property’s rock are combined with the Terracotta concrete, enhancing the rootedness impression. The continuous, multi-gabled roof of the building joins the private units of the guesthouse into the coherent whole.

Ridge House 7

Ridge House 8

Ridge House 9

Ridge House 12

The solid concrete roof and walls protect the building interior from the sun during the harsh summer. The oblique of the roof provides direct awesome views within the building out to the stunning hills. It also shades the windows, creating a protection from the summer sun intensity.




Ridge House Gallery


Photographer: Bruce Damonte Photography, Phi Van Phan

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