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St. Andrews ADU and Main House Addition: A Modern Accessory Dwelling Unit with A Wood siding

This modern Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) is located in Hancock Park, a historic residential enclave in central Los Angeles, USA. Designed by Assembledge+, St. Andrews ADU and Main House Addition is a 2-storey building that sits in the rear yard of the property. The interesting part of this modern house is its exterior that clad with vertical wood siding.

Stephenson House: A Remodel of A Unique Modernist House with Neutral Colors

Located in the Chevy Chase neighborhood of Washington DC, Stephenson House is a remodel project by Assembledge+. This unique modernist house was built-in 1962 with 4,552 SF in size. It is designed with a traditional silhouette, neutral colors, and extensive use of glass that floods the house with natural light.

Berkley House: A Two-Level Family House with Californian-Style Atmosphere

Completed in 2019 by Rafael Santa Ana Architecture Workshop Inc. (RSAAW), Berkley House is a mid-century interior renovation of a two-level family house. Located in North Vancouver BC, Canada, it is an awesome project that taking a tired inefficient house with good bones to a contemporary home. The Californian-style atmosphere is preserved and enhanced based on the wish of the family.

Sunset Plaza: A Modern House with Simple Geometric Forms for An Indoor-Outdoor Experience

The winner of some awards, Sunset Plaza offers simple geometric forms in response to the program of the project. This modern house is designed by Assembledge+, located above the Sunset Strip in the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles with 5,650 SF in size. The design can provide an indoor-outdoor experience that asked by the clients.

Ridge House: A Compact Guesthouse with Three Small Volumes and Solid Concrete

Mork Ulnes Architects has been completed a guesthouse project in 2018. Ridge House is a compact Sonoma guesthouse in California that suspending guest rooms over the edge of a plateau. There are three small volumes combined with the use of solid concrete to design the building walls and roof.

Phelps Residence: A Regional Mid-Century House with A Two-Story Stucco Façade Structure

Phelps Residence is designed by Assembledge+, a remodel project of a regional mid-century house located steps from the waterways of Huntington Harbor, California, USA. With 3,537 SF in size, this residence is transformed into a modern house a two-story stucco façade structure. This renovation can honor the mid-century bones of the existing structure of the house.

Troll Hus: A Single-Family Residence with Glazed Balconies and Open Plan Configuration

The winner of some awards in different categories, Troll Hus is a 3,300sf single-family residence designed by Mork Ulnes Architects. Located in Norden, California, this residence is completed in 2015 and surrounded by extreme environmental conditions. Glazed south-facing balconies are designed to maximize solar exposure while an open plan configuration is added to the main living space.

Ridgewood House: A New Generation of California Modernism with Eclectic Material Palette

With 3,050 SF in size, Ridgewood House comes as a stamp of a new generation of California modernism. This house is located in Los Angeles, California, designed by Assembledge+. The house structure is unique, supported by strong details and eclectic material palette. The design takes full advantage of the Southern California climate.

Clayton St: A 19th Century Flat Renovation with More Natural Light for Contemporary Life

Renovated in 2008 by Mork Ulnes Architects, this project is about 19th century flat in San Francisco’s Haight Ashbury neighborhood that has been remodeled in the 1960s. Clayton St is a renovation project located in San Fransisco, USA. More natural light is combined into the house and the space flor is enhanced for contemporary life.

Leslie Lane Residence: A Remodel of the One-Story House for 21st-Century Living

Leslie Lane Residence is a remodel project that nestled among the swanky 1960’s tract development called the Trousdale Estates. Completed by Assembledge+, this 5,000 SF one-story house has an attempt to enhance and capture the regional mid-century movement’s true spirit. This house is transformed into a vintage house for 21st-century living.