Nott Design Office: An Architectural Studio Office with Modern Interior and Free Layout

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Nott Design Office is located in Dnipro, Ukraine, in the 1910 historic building. This architectural studio office has a modern interior design combines with a free layout for the functional division. The total area of this office is 157-meter square and designed by S. Hotvianskyi.


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Previously, the building was the Second Ekaterinoslav Commercial College. There was a big fire in 19914 that destroyed the building. In 2000, this building was reopened and restored into a trade and office center in Dnipro. And today, the building has an awesome modern interior used for the architectural studio office.



Nott Design Office 5

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The atmosphere of the modern interior design in Nott Design Office is bright and fun. All of the office walls are white. The furniture comes in some different bright colors. The height ceiling is decorated with big lamps. All workers in this office also can enjoy the view through the windows while they are working.



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The office space is not only designed in a modern interior but also having a free layout. This layout is used to create a functional division based on office activities. The division can separate the working and rest area well, so there is no wasted space in this office. All spaces are used and designed maximally.



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The color decoration is done through the office furniture. For the working area, Nott Design uses some regular wooden desk and black chairs to provide comfortable seating in working. The use of color can be seen in the rest area with the big yellow sofa and red chair, making this office interior looks more interesting to see.


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