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Skigard Hytte: A Large Cabin with Wide Wooden Steps and Four Smaller Spaces

This large cabin is designed by Mork Ulnes Architects and completed in 2018. Skigard Hytte has a series of wide wooden steps as access to reach it, lead the people to enjoy the stunning views in a veranda. There are also four smaller spaces formed by dividing the cabin internally along its length. This 144sqm cabin is located in Kvitfjell, Norway.

Ridge House: A Compact Guesthouse with Three Small Volumes and Solid Concrete

Mork Ulnes Architects has been completed a guesthouse project in 2018. Ridge House is a compact Sonoma guesthouse in California that suspending guest rooms over the edge of a plateau. There are three small volumes combined with the use of solid concrete to design the building walls and roof.

Egebergslottet: A Young Family Residence with Generous Spaces and White Interiors

This two-storey apartment once was a billiards-room of an Oslo mansion and now it is functioned as a young family residence. Egebergslottet is renovated by Mork Ulnes Architects to create generous spaces. In order to create a counter to the harsh Scandinavian winters, the interiors of the residence are painted in white.

Troll Hus: A Single-Family Residence with Glazed Balconies and Open Plan Configuration

The winner of some awards in different categories, Troll Hus is a 3,300sf single-family residence designed by Mork Ulnes Architects. Located in Norden, California, this residence is completed in 2015 and surrounded by extreme environmental conditions. Glazed south-facing balconies are designed to maximize solar exposure while an open plan configuration is added to the main living space.

Clayton St: A 19th Century Flat Renovation with More Natural Light for Contemporary Life

Renovated in 2008 by Mork Ulnes Architects, this project is about 19th century flat in San Francisco’s Haight Ashbury neighborhood that has been remodeled in the 1960s. Clayton St is a renovation project located in San Fransisco, USA. More natural light is combined into the house and the space flor is enhanced for contemporary life.

Mylla Hytte: A Small Cabin with Four Shed Roofs and Compact Interior

Completed in 2017 by Mork Ulnes Architects, Mylla Hytte is located in a towering pine forest outside of Oslo. This small 84 square meter cabin is designed as a retreat for a geologist and his family. The building sits on a hilltop and it is formed by the landscape forces. The gable roof of this cabin is divided to create four shed roofs while the interior is compact and finished in plywood.

Moose Rd: A Prized Vantage Point onto Three Locally Celebrated Landscapes

Mork Ulnes Architects has been completed a unique building in 2011 located in California, USA. Moose Rd is a special project that offering a prized vantage point onto three locally celebrated landscapes. This house building is also built on steel stilts and designed based on standard-sized, off–the–shelf sheet materials.

Romain St: A Renovation of A 1950’s San Francisco Home with A New Vertical Addition

Completed by Mork Ulnes Architects, Romain St is a renovation project of a typical 1950’s San Francisco home located in San Fransisco, USA. The aim of this renovation is to accommodate two generations of a family. In this two-storey home, a new vertical addition is designed to create some distinct zones.

Triple Barn House: A Two-Story House with Panelized Corten Cladding

The steep topography is used at this Sonoma site as the practical exercise. Triple Barn House is a two-story house that carves out space in the hillside, designed by Mork Ulnes Architects and completed in 2018. Located in California, this house is designed with panelized corten cladding that ties the exterior finish.

20th St: A Modern Residence with An Operable Steel Screen and Sweeping Views

It is a renovation project of a residence located in San Francisco, USA. 20th St is a 2011 project by Mork Ulnes Architects that represents unconventional materials’ capacity while the social functions of the residence are relocated. The hand-drilled, operable steel screen with a double function is added while the sweeping views around the site can be seen easily right from the inside of the residence.