Napoles Apartment: Traditional Interior of Apartment with Original and Precious Details

Napoles Apartment 1

Napoles Apartment is about a 2016 interior design project and renovation located in Barcelona. This apartment has 130 meter square of the total area with traditional interior design. The details are precious and original, kept and restored from the past. Bloomint Interior Design integrates the client need and vision to save more budget for this project.


Napoles Apartment 1

Napoles Apartment 2

The renovation includes designing traditional interior design with its details. The old bathrooms, the kitchen, and some walls are turned down to allow the natural light to come into the apartment interior. Some of the details from the past are used and restored again for the floor and brick wall.



Napoles Apartment 3

Napoles Apartment 4

The original typical Catalan flooring and brick arches located under the suspended ceilings are restored and kept to complete the traditional interior in Napoles Apartment. They are precious and original details that can bring more traditional accents into the whole interior design of the apartment.



Napoles Apartment 5

Napoles Apartment 6

Besides the brick and original flooring, Bloomint Interior Design adds new materials to mix and match them together. The wooden furniture is used to fill up all of the most rooms in the apartment. The brick in the kitchen is painted in turquoise among the white kitchen cabinet.



Napoles Apartment 7

Napoles Apartment 8

At the corner of the living room, a bench with storage is added to create a relaxing area with an awesome view outside the house. In the dining area, there is a beautiful wooden dining table. Near this area, there is also a wooden TV stand with enough storage to keep the client’s stuff.



Napoles Apartment 9

Napoles Apartment 10

There are four rooms in Napoles Apartment: a bedroom, bathroom, a kitchen, and one main area consists of dining and living room. Those rooms are completely designed in a traditional interior with a combination of new materials and past details. The result can make this apartment becomes a fresh and comfortable living place.

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