Colina House: A Big House with Concrete Walls and Solid Brick Walls

Colina House 9

With 520 sqm in size, this house offers a comfortable living place in Brazil. Colina House is a 2020 residential project completed by Bloco Arquitetos. The highlight of this house is the external surfaces which are composed of solid brick walls and load-bearing concrete walls.


Colina House 1

Colina House 2

Colina House 3

Colina House 4

Colina House 5

Colina House 6

Colina House 7

This house construction is implemented on the existing landfill’s highest level. The “U” plan organization can define two wings. These wings are interspersed with a central access garden. Most of the existing trees in the rest of the lot are relocated or kept.


Colina House 8

Colina House 9

Colina House 10

Colina House 11

Colina House 12

Colina House 13

Colina House 14

Colina House 15

Colina House 16

Colina House 17

Colina House 18

Colina House 19

Colina House 20

The positions of two large flamboyants and two “ipês” direct the front setbacks of the building’s two wings. These wings are positioned according to the criteria of privacy and solar orientation. The ends are “suspended” due to the slopes in the front portion of the land.



Colina House 21

Colina House 22

Colina House 23

Colina House 24

Colina House 25

Colina House 26

Colina House 27

The frames have a boundary line that marks a difference in treatment between the external materials of the house and internal materials. These external materials are subject to the weather such as dust, sun, and rain while the internal materials are closer to the house’s residents.

Concrete and solid brick are materials that will even look better with the passage of time. For the internal parts of the house, the architect mostly uses “fragile” materials such as painted walls, ceilings, and natural wood panels.


Colina House Gallery


Photographer: Haruo Mikami

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