Marmol Radziner Architecture

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Georgina: An Addition to An Existing Home with Modern-Day Barn Elements

Located in Santa Monica, California, Georgina is a project of designing a 4,500-square-foot addition to an existing home by Marmol Radziner Architecture. This addition can create a dedicated and comfortable place for a family to entertain. Modern-day barn elements of this house can complement the materials and color pallet.

Lilac Drive: A Vacation Home with Intersecting Roof Planes and Lighthearted Interiors

This vacation home is located in Montecito, California, designed by Marmol Radziner Architecture. Lilac Drive is surrounded by oak trees and an existing pathway of a protected creek that used to determine the design. This house is distinguished by intersecting roof planes and beautified by lighthearted interiors.

Mandeville Canyon: A Modern House with A Solid Facade of Brick and Metal Panels

Designed by Marmol Radziner Architecture, Mandeville Canyon is located between a canyon road and a hillside in the Santa Monica Mountains. It is a modern house designed with a solid facade of brick and metal panels while the interiors of this house are designed for regaling and relaxing.

Guttentag: A Four-Level Studio as A Freestanding Addition to An Existing Residence

Marmol Radziner Architecture designs a four-level studio to the existing residence as a freestanding addition. Guttentag is an architecture project in Santa Monica Canyon with the studio as an addition to fulfilling the need of the owner for additional living space and parking area.

SCOTTSDALE: A Winter Retreat with Ample Interior and Exterior Recreational Spaces

Designed by Marmol Radziner Architecture, SCOTTSDALE is a residential project of a winter retreat. This house is woven into the fabric of the Sonoran Desert landscape in Scottsdale, Arizona. Besides its awesome natural views, this house also provides ample interior and exterior recreational spaces.

OAKMONT: Expansion of A California Ranch House with A Low Gable Roofline

Located in Los Angeles, California, OAKMONT is an existing house with 6,000 square feet in size. This house is expanded by Marmol Radziner Architecture, adding 3,000 square feet more. It is a California ranch house style with a low gable roofline, expansive windows, and a spacious plan.

Elliot House: A House Restoration with Contemporary Amenities

Designed by Marmol Radziner Architecture, Elliot House is a restoration project of a big house with 2,100 sqft in size. This house is located in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles, California, Unites States. The goal of this project is to restore the house to its original condition and also adding some contemporary amenities.