Split House: A Single-Family House with An Unobstructed Sea Views

Split House 4

This single-family house is located in Asker, Norway with 360 m². Completed in 2013, Split House is designed by Jarmund / Vigsnæs Architects that has unobstructed sea views. With the flat roof and unique form of the house building, the house looks incredible for everyone who sees it from a distance.


Split House 1

Split House 2

Split House 3

It is a stunning modern house situated close to the sea. With a great view of this kind of direction, the house is perfect as a holiday house to provide an enjoyable place to relax for a family. The house building is also broken up while it folds out towards the horizon to relate to the existing buildings’ close by.



Split House 4

Split House 5

Split House 6

The house building is also hidden underground partly, allowing for unobstructed sea views on the backside for neighbors. The building is designed towering to a breathtaking landscape view where the residents can easily see this view through the house windows.



Split House 7

Split House 8

Split House 9

From the outside, this house offers clear lines that come from the arrangement of the wooden boards for the house structure. Inside, the same wooden materials are also used and dominating the surface of the wall and floor. The roof is flat and overgrown with grass, allowing the residents to enjoy the view more clearly right from above the house.


Split House Gallery


Photographer: Nils Petter Dale

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