Residences Allardhof Buren: Special Apartments with A Village-Like Character

Residences Allardhof Buren 3

41 special apartments with a village-like character have been designed by Jeanne Dekkers Architectuur in the neighborhood of Buren for the Housing cooperation of Tiel. Residences Allardhof Buren is a 2014 project with 6.700 m² in size. The basic materials from the surrounding neighborhood are used for the structure of this building.


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Residences Allardhof Buren 3

The idea of “village within a village” comes as a beautiful way of living in a green environment for this project. The former nursing home location is designed into a small-scale and differentiated urban plan with a direct spatial relationship and adjacent streets in unique ways. There are seven independent ‘pavilions’ grouped around a central garden with an inclination in relation to the position of the optimal daylight and existing building.



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Residences Allardhof Buren 5

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The basic materials from the surrounding neighborhood are used for the facade, light, and dark brick. In all building components, the uniform application of the material can create their own identity for the new buildings awesomely.



Residences Allardhof Buren 7

Residences Allardhof Buren 8

Residences Allardhof Buren 9

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Parking is located under two buildings and resolved at the plan’s edges so the garden becomes a car-free zone on the site. In the heart of the plan, the central garden serves as a new, public space for the existing neighborhood. The garden becomes a pleasant place to stay for animals and people by arranging the ecological with bat-boxes and also a green roof.


Residences Allardhof Buren Gallery


Photography: Jeanne Dekkers Architectuur

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