Fogo Island Inn: A Five-Star Inn with Timeless Piece of Architecture and Wood Material

Fogo Island Inn 18

Completed in 2013, Fogo Island Inn is a five-star inn located Fogo Island, Newfoundland, Canada. With 4000 m2 in size, this project is designed by Saunders Architecture for the Shorefast Foundation on Fogo Island, Newfoundland, Canada. Wood is used as the main material with a timeless piece of architecture which will be ‘made just for Fogo’.


Fogo Island Inn 1

Fogo Island Inn 2

Fogo Island Inn 3

The 29 rooms of Fogo Inn are designed by Saunders using wood materials as means towards the economic and cultural survival of the island and also as a timeless piece of architecture. This architecture will be ‘made just for Fogo’, becomes the main characteristic of this five-star inn which is different from others.



Fogo Island Inn 4

Fogo Island Inn 5

Fogo Island Inn 6

The facilities in this Inn also include an independent art gallery on the ground floor, a small movie theatre, library, lobby, and also a restaurant directed by one of Canada’s best chefs. The four floors of rooms are placed above the ground level while the sauna and spa facility can be found on the building top area.



Fogo Island Inn 7

Fogo Island Inn 8

Fogo Island Inn 9

The interior of this five-star inn is a combination of modern and elegant design, created by blending one element to another element. The interior surface is dominated in white through the white curtains, walls, ceiling, and floors. The long and narrow windows allow the guests to enjoy the awesome views right from their own rooms.

Fogo Island Inn

Fogo Island Inn 10

Fogo Island Inn 11

Fogo Island Inn 12

Fogo Island Inn 13

Fogo Island Inn 14

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Fogo Island Inn 17

Fogo Island Inn 18

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Fogo Island Inn 20

Photographers: Iwan Baan, Alex Fradkin, Bent René Synnevåg

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