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Villa AT: A Family House with An Abundance of Light and Closer Relationship with the Landscape

The result of this awesome project is a warm and comfortable family that is modestly sized that can cover its relative lack of scale with the ever-closer relationship with the landscape and an abundance of light. This house also can get a lot of advantages from the landscape views that come to the house interior through the elegant glass walls.

Fogo Island Shed: A Simple Timber Shed with Contemporary Forms and A Local Archetype

The shed space is designed around the notion of ‘slow eating’ and also intended to foster a social approach to dining with a long table set alongside the open plan kitchen. The chefs and guests can be found in the same space, creating an intimate dining space that brings flavors, smells, techniques, and ingredients to life.

Tower Studio: A Series of Six Artists’ Studios to Preserving the Islanders’ Traditions

Through this project, Shorefast Foundation and the Fogo Island Arts Corporation aims at rejuvenating the island through the culture and arts and also preserving the Islanders’ traditions as well. The studio building can be a symbol of arts, introducing the beauty of arts with its unique and futuristic design.

Fogo Island Inn: A Five-Star Inn with Timeless Piece of Architecture and Wood Material

The interior of this five-star inn is a combination of modern and elegant design, created by blending one element to another element. The interior surface is dominated in white through the white curtains, walls, ceiling, and floors. The long and narrow windows allow the guests to enjoy the awesome views right from their own rooms.

Carraig Ridge: Five Homes on the Foothills with Modern Structure and Design

The five homes are characterized by flat roofs and dominated with wood materials for the entire structure of the buildings. In order to get more advantages from the awesome views of nature, large glass windows and doors are also added along the building walls so everyone inside the houses can enjoy the views and warm atmosphere from the natural light.