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ST-ROCH 13: Transformation of A Building Comprising 14 Apartments

Designed by Lx1 Architecture, ST-ROCH 13 is a transformation project of a building. This building comprises 14 apartments and located in Lausanne, Switzerland. The construction process starts in 2014 and finished in 2015, in collaboration with AIC. With a simple and warm design, this building can provide a comfortable living place for its residents.

PRE-YVERDON: Interior Transformations of A Detached Villa with Wood Elements

Designed by Lx1 Architecture, PRE-YVERDON is a 2015 project located in Epalinges, Switzerland. It is a project of interior transformations in a detached villa with 150 m2 in size. It takes only 4 months for the architect to complete this project. The main highlight of the transformation is the use of wood elements to design the interior.

Alt 1374 – Nax: Apartments and Medical Facilities with A Monolithic Wooden Design

Located in Nax, Switzerland, Alt 1374 – Nax a 2009 project of apartments and medical facilities. Designed by Lx1 Architecture, this project is a part of a site intended originally for the realization of a cable car. The monolithic wooden plays with the context and the topography.