Truong An architecture

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A.Cuong House: A New House with the Use of Natural Stone and Different Shapes of Doorways

The owner of this new house is a child born and raised in Da Lat, Vietnam. A.Cuong House is a 2017 project by Truong An Architecture with 150 m in size. This house is designed as a place to return from the holidays and to nurture the old age of the father. With the use of natural stone for the house and exterior and different shapes of doorways, this house is transformed into a unique and comfortable house.

2H House: A Flexible House with A Random Layout of Colorful Glass Tiles

It is a flexible house located in Thanh My Loi new urban area in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. 2H House is designed Truong An architecture and completed in 2014 with 100 m2 in size. This house is designed as a flexible house for a couple and their two little kids. The random layout of colorful glass tiles is used to create eye-catching and interesting rooms.