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Kulm Eispavillon: A New Extension of Eispavillon with Engadin Tradition of Woodcraft

It is a restoration project of an existing 1905 eispavillon in Switzerland which played host to the 1928 and 1948 Winter Olympics. Kulm Eispavillon is restored by Foster + Partners and it is completed in 2016. With 790m² in size, the new extension for this building is a flexible structure to provide a wide variety of activities while the design of the new pavilion continues the Engadin tradition of woodcraft.

EIGER MÖNCH JUNGFRAU: A Multiple-Family House with A Pitched Roof

Located in Rancate, Switzerland, EIGER MÖNCH JUNGFRAU is a 2017 project of a multiple-family house by Stocker Lee Architetti. It consists of a family house and also a group of adjoining rental apartments. Designed with an unevenly pitched roof based on the jagged outline of a nearby mountain range, this project offers a unique design of residential buildings with comfortable interior spaces.

Double Kindergarten Steinmürli: A New Double Kindergarten with A New Spacious Outdoor Play

Completed by Rafael Schmid Architekten in 2019, Double Kindergarten Steinmürli is a cluster of orthogonally arranged buildings located in Dietikon, Switzerland. Each one of the two existing kindergarten buildings on the campus with two units needs to be replaced. In this project, a new double kindergarten is added, creating a new spacious outdoor play area.

ST-ROCH 13: Transformation of A Building Comprising 14 Apartments

Designed by Lx1 Architecture, ST-ROCH 13 is a transformation project of a building. This building comprises 14 apartments and located in Lausanne, Switzerland. The construction process starts in 2014 and finished in 2015, in collaboration with AIC. With a simple and warm design, this building can provide a comfortable living place for its residents.

Casa Lucciola: A Fully Sustainable Holiday Home with A Simple Material Palette

Located in the smallest municipality in Switzerland called Corippo, Casa Lucciola is a renovation project of an animal barn. This barn is originally built around 1850. It is converted and also revitalized into a cozy and fully sustainable holiday home. Completed by Rafael Schmid Architekten in 2019, a simple material palette is used for the whole interior of the home.

House Lendenmann: Renovation of A Two-Storey Half-Timbered Building

It is a renovation project located in the medieval township of Regensberg, Switzerland, with its unique location, history, and urban clarity. House Lendenmann is renovated by L3P Architekten in 2015, a two-storey half-timbered building with spectacular views over the surrounding Zurich Under lands up to the Alpines.

PRE-YVERDON: Interior Transformations of A Detached Villa with Wood Elements

Designed by Lx1 Architecture, PRE-YVERDON is a 2015 project located in Epalinges, Switzerland. It is a project of interior transformations in a detached villa with 150 m2 in size. It takes only 4 months for the architect to complete this project. The main highlight of the transformation is the use of wood elements to design the interior.

Alt 1374 – Nax: Apartments and Medical Facilities with A Monolithic Wooden Design

Located in Nax, Switzerland, Alt 1374 – Nax a 2009 project of apartments and medical facilities. Designed by Lx1 Architecture, this project is a part of a site intended originally for the realization of a cable car. The monolithic wooden plays with the context and the topography.

Apartment Building Deitingen: A Hybrid Construction Form with Solid Wood

A hybrid construction form with solid wood can be seen in Apartment Building Deitingen. It is a residential project designed by luna productions and completed in 2018. Located in Deitengen, Switzerland with 436 m² in size, the building stands on a concrete foundation and under a gable roof.

Sporthalle Landheim Bruettisellen: Development of A Sports Hall Annex and Two Adjoining Fitness Studios

Completed in 2010, this project is a development of the 5/10/5 meter sports hall annex and the two adjoining fitness studios in Switzerland. Sporthalle Landheim Bruettisellen is designed by L3P Architects as a flat building with a contemporary design. This design stands as a symbol for the development, for the accomplishment of the building’s development between 2006 and 2011.