Carraig Ridge: Five Homes on the Foothills with Modern Structure and Design

Carraig Ridge 8

Located in Carraig Ridge, Banff, Canada in the foothills of Canada’s Rocky Mountains near Banff National Park, Carraig Ridge stands beautifully surrounded by amazing views and landscapes. This 160-220 m2 project consists of five homes with its awesome modern structure and design made by Saunders Architecture.


Carraig Ridge 1

Carraig Ridge 2

Carraig Ridge 3

It is a kind of big project for the architect that consists of five homes. Those homes are surrounded by the beautiful nature in the foothills of Canada’s Rocky Mountains. In order to create impressive buildings of homes between the stunning landscape, modern design and structure are added to those homes to create a futuristic look as well.



Carraig Ridge 4

Carraig Ridge 5

Carraig Ridge 6

The five homes are characterized by flat roofs and dominated with wood materials for the entire structure of the buildings. In order to get more advantages from the awesome views of nature, large glass windows and doors are also added along the building walls so everyone inside the houses can enjoy the views and warm atmosphere from the natural light.


Carraig Ridge

Carraig Ridge 7

Carraig Ridge 8

Carraig Ridge 9

Carraig Ridge 10

Credits: Todd Saunders with Attila Béres, Pedro Léger Pereira and Maxime Rousse

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