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House 24: A Tropical Home with A V-Shaped Patio for Entertainment

Located in Singapore, House 24 is defined as a massing comprising two blocks. It is a tropical home designed by Park+Associates Architects for a client with a wish to live in a home with a tropical locality reflection. A V-shaped patio on the first floor becomes the main place for entertainment.

Greja House: A Modern House with Connected Spaces and Clean Line Design

Completed in 2015 by Park+Associates Architects, Greja House is a modern house located in Bedok, Singapore. The brief from the client is simple: a house with connected space which also can promote interactions within its household. This house design is also different, characterized by clean lines.

A-Z House: A Multigenerational Home with A Concrete Screen for Additional Privacy

Completed in 2019 by Park+Associates Architects, A-Z House is a multigenerational home designed for the client’s young family and his aging parents. Located in a housing estate in Singapore, a concrete screen is added to this house for an additional layer of privacy which also brings coherence.