Sommarhus T: A Summer House with Three Volumes and A Sloping Hip Roof

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Sommarhus T is a summer house located in the northeastern part of Ljunghusen with the ground consists of sand only. This 2018 project of Johan Sundberg Arkitektur sits next to the Falsterbo channel where the forest area is lower. Designed for a family of four, the three volumes and a sloping roof can create a generous house with a humble impression from the distance.


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This summer house has a structure with a unique design, creating an interesting look for everyone who sees it. The three volumes come with a common, gently sloping hip roof and generous eaves. This house also has a framework which is made out of wood and contains some components of steel that makes it looks strong and bold.



Sommarhus T 4

Sommarhus T 5

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The whole palette of material is also made out of wood with a combination of natural larch and dark fir. The glass material is used to design the window and the slide doors, providing a great view from the landscape around the house to the interior. The wooden floor is warm, a perfect material for such as a summer house.



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The main concept of Sommarhus T is about creating a generous house that has a good connection with nature in all directions of the house. This house has some grand spaces with a humble impression without any excessive details. The roof eaves can provide shade and also create a low visual expression with some extended horizontal lines.



Sommarhus T 10

Sommarhus T 11

Sommarhus T has a large exterior with a wooden floor on the terrace. The family can enjoy the fresh nature from this exterior area or only enjoy the views from the interior of the house through the glass sliding doors. The natural light comes into this house directly from the exterior area and comes into the interior freely, offering a warmer atmosphere during the days.

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