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Sonoma weeHouse: A Small, Ultra-Minimal, High-End Home with Two Open-Sided Boxes

Completed by Alchemy Architects, Sonoma weeHouse is designed for a client in San Fransisco. It is a small, ultra-minimal, high-end home that was designed in Minnesota, built in Oregon, and shipped to Santa Rosa. This home consists of two minimalist open-sided boxes with steel frames on the structure.

Cumberland weeHouse: A Year-Round Lakeside Retreat with An Elegant Horizontal Form

Completed by Alchemy Architects in 2016, Cumberland weeHouse is designed as a year-round lakeside retreat for a family of four and their guests as well. This house sits on a sloped, wooded lot with its elegant horizontal form. This house also has a screen porch that merges with the deck to provide a comfortable conversation space.

Saddlehorn weeHouse: A Unique House with A Membrane Roof and Awesome Views

This unique house is a combination of weeHouse and treehouse, designed by Alchemy Architects. Saddlehorn weeHouse stands tall among the pines in Incline Village, Nevada. Providing awesome views of the mountain and lake, this house is designed with a membrane roof to hold extreme snow loads.

Minmo Jaska House: Engawa and Genkan Elements from Traditional Japanese Houses

Engawa and genkan elements from traditional Japanese houses are used by Alchemy Architects to renovate this house. Located in Saint Paul, Minnesota, Minmo Jaska House also has a passive solar addition to increasing the comfort levels of the house and letting light into formerly dark spaces at the same time.