Andrum: A Spa Building for Bodily and Mental Recovery with Sensual Impressions

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Andrum is a spa building located in Höör which is only 5 minutes from the station. Based on the Åkersberg’s tradition of hospitality and care, now this farm is being expanded for mental and bodily recovery. Johan Sundberg Arkitektur designs Andrum based on sensual impressions that also combined with some carefully chosen materials for the structure and interior.


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This spa building is located in the Åkersberg’s inner garden on the western edge. It has a building foyer that forms a colonnade within the Hostel and the Chapel of Freedom. From this foyer, a lower situated surface can be reached through a walk that takes place down. Inside the lower rooms, the ceilings are high and a connection with nature on all sides of the rooms.

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There are also come interconnected rooms that have different properties such as steam, waterfall, rain, sauna, and bath. The resting places can be found inside the building and some rooms for the spa treatment with a calm atmosphere. In contact with the park, a secluded terrace offers a perfect place to enjoy nature outside the building.



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The architect creates a design for Andrum based on the bases of sensual impressions such as touch, acoustics, taste, aroma, and light. Those things are used and combined to design the interior of the building and create a perfect atmosphere for all treatments of body and mental through the facilities inside.



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Andrum is built by using some chosen materials like glass, wood, stone, and concrete. Those materials are kept in their form to create a natural touch to the building structure and interior look. By combining those materials, the architect can form a whole that brings a low-key and beautiful style to the building. The architect also works together with some best engineers for this building structure.



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