Casa Hualle: A Simple Holiday Home with Cool and Calm Interiors within A Dazzling Landscape

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It is a simple holiday home located within a dazzling landscape of Villarrica volcano and lakes in Pucon, Chile. Casa Hualle becomes a striking addition to the beautiful scenery around it. This home is designed by Chilean and Ampueroyutronic, a UK based architecture and design studio. The goal is about creating cool and calm interiors, getting some benefits from the amazing landscape too at the same time.


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This holiday home is pure with the monolithic proportions based on the landscape of the site. The architects also use a seemingly random composition, the irregular shape and sculptural forms of the building look to contrast with the natural environment surroundings. The building becomes more expressive and interesting to be seen from a distance.



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Casa Hualle is designed and clad in black wood, inspired by the region’s many homes. Those homes are lined with some dark volcanic rocks to maximize the amazing views. The windows are placed strategically to capture all amazing views around the home, offering a free service to be enjoyed for all visitors who come to have a great holiday in Chile.



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The interiors of this home holiday become more cool and calm, a perfect atmosphere that a holiday home should have. These kinds of interiors are also the epitome of simplicity that designed without any superfluous details. The home looks pure and also natural with the tactile materials that used for the entire interior surface.



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With a long and square structure, this holiday home looks unique within the green landscape. The lines from the black wood surface of the home walls become a unique decoration for the exterior look. The frame of the windows is made with the same wood materials as the door, offering a contrast look between the black wall and the natural color from the wood.



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The main concept of this project is about designing an inspiring and dynamic residence which is different from any other residences in Chile. Casa Hualle becomes a Chic Nomad’s modern retreat for all people who come to Chile. Both the interior and the landscape can provide a truly comfortable feeling at the same time.


Casa Hualle

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