The Loop: The Spirit of Freedom in Bali’s Lush Jungle

The Loop 23

Completed in 2023 by Alexis Dornier, The Loop is a residential project of a graceful residence located in Bali, Indonesia. This residence breaks free from national living to embrace the spirit of freedom in Bali’s lush jungle. The brief is simple: seeking the opposite of living in boxes.

The inspiration comes from the beauty of nature, as well as a desire to challenge architectural norms. A mesmerizing figure 8 spiral is a design concept that offers continuous fluid movement and ever-changing vantage points.

A captivating and immersive experience comes from the unique radial design that also invites inhabitants to embrace a new, free-spirited way of life and liberates them from the constraints of their past.

The most important thing about this project is the harmony between the house and its lush surroundings. For the construction, the materials are carefully selected such as natural stone, wood, and concrete. These materials integrate the structure with the greenery, adding a sophisticated and modern element.

There are some unique challenges in this project that need innovative solutions. It needs meticulous planning and collaboration with skilled artisans to resolve geometrical situations and to bend materials in two dimensions. The close collaboration with the clients also helps in solving some challenges.

This residence sits on a steep slope gracefully and integrates with the jungle environment harmoniously. The boundaries between the house and nature are blurred by the landscaping, transforming the structure into a living entity.

The layout is strategic, ensuring each room of the house offers panoramic views and a sense of discovery. Each space, as well as the intimate bedrooms and communal area, becomes an oasis of tranquility.

It is an awesome project that exemplifies the power of collaboration, innovation, and the human spirit’s boundless creativity. A testament to the architect’s commitment to challenging the ordinary and creating spaces that inspire and captivate all who encounter them can be seen in this project.

The Loop

The Loop 24
The Loop 23
The Loop 22
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Architectural Design: Alexis Dornier,

Interior Design: Silvia Fairman,

Environmental Engineering Consultancy: Eco Mantra,

Landscape Design: Adhiputra Landscape,

Construction: Adi Jaya Utama,

Photo Credit: KIE,

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