7 Things to Look for While Hiring Movers

Hiring Movers

The word moving can be single but surely is not a single task to accomplish. There are many small and huge actions to be completed within a specific duration of time. Taking all the responsibility can be extremely stressful.

There is so much to plan, so much to decide, and so much to execute within a proper time frame and one person can only do a few things. In situations like this, when you are stressed and burdened by all the work, hiring a moving company can be extremely helpful.

So, instead of worrying about the whole moving process, one can worry about choosing a proper moving company. Choosing a proper moving company is not an easy task and there are a few things that you should look for in a moving company. And we are here to help you out with 7 specific things that you should look for while hiring movers.

7 Things that you should look for in a Moving company: –


  1. Go for National moving companies: – When choosing a moving company, you can either go for local moving companies or national moving companies. We recommend you to hire a national moving company instead of a local one. Here’s why.

    Even though most local companies can offer high-quality service like a national company, they would mostly work at a slower pace. Local movers are often found to be slower than their national counterparts and this lack of efficiency can end up being a big issue. Example: You might not be able to sign a lease on time due to a local moving company working at a slow pace.


  1. Go for recommendations: – We always recommend you to go for recommendations from your friends and relatives. Chances are you have one friend or one relative who has moved before and instead of hiring a random company you can ask for their advice and choose a company they have worked with.


  1. Avoid paying too much upfront: – Reputable movers never demand a large amount of money upfront. You should only pay the company once your belongings are delivered. Also, use credit cards while paying to protect yourself from any fraudulent activity.


  1. Do not hire companies with name switch: – There are few companies which often change names in order to avoid being assessed by the Better Business Bureau. Always make sure to check for the company’s local address and information about their insurance and licensing. Ask them these things over the phone and their employees should be able to answer with the full name of the business.

    Find out the company’s federal license numbers and check if they ever did business with a different name. Also, make sure to search online to see if there are any complaints registered.


  1. Get reference on movers: – If you aren’t able to find a friend or relative who can suggest a good moving company, ask the company for references. Ask them for 3 to 4 customers whom they have worked for in the past 3 months. Call those customers and ask them for a review.


  1. Avoid Packing: – If you pack the belongings yourself then the movers will not be responsible for any damage to them. Ask the moving company to do the packing and this way you can also get discounted price for boxes and packing materials.


  1. Extra fees: – Sometimes you might be charged extra fees that you might not be prepared for. Suppose you live on the 15th floor and you are moving to a different house. The company might charge you extra money for the stairs or lift. So make sure to talk to them properly before hiring so you can be prepared for any surprise cost.


Conclusion: –

Hiring a good mover is not that complicated, keep these 7 things in mind and you will surely find yourself a perfect moving company. Good luck!

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