Caring Wood: Modern Home of the Year

RIBA is the Royal Institute of British Architects, the best architecture awards for every architect in the world. If one of a clever architect wins this award, it means her or his work is worth to be reckoned with. 2017 is the best year for James Macdonald Wright and Nall Maxwell from U.K with their awesome house called Caring Wood. You can find this house at Kent with a lot of English countryside accents on it. The Caring Wood is just a perfect house with the material and also the design as well. If you want to know more about this house, let’s have a mini-tour first.


Four Towers

RIBA Home 1

Caring wood has four towers on its roof. It makes the exterior design looks really awesome if you see it from above. The architects use at least 150,000 peg tiles which is a handmade design.


House Garden

RIBA Home 2

This house also gets some awesome plants for the garden, especially for the front area. It has flowers on 20 acres, 500 cherry trees, and also 25,000 native trees which are mixed.


House Design

RIBA Home 3

The most awesome thing from this house is its technology design using a clean energy. The material of the building comes from the local materials. You can call this house as an eco-friendly house.

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House Courtyard

RIBA Home 4

Surely, the architects are built this house with a natural concept. That’s why the courtyard of this house looks so fresh and cool area to bring all house elements together becomes one.


Man-Made Lake

RIBA Home 5

The man-made lake near the house is the idea of the architects to bring the more natural concept for the house. Caring wood looks so beautiful if you see it from the lakeside.


Natural Interior

RIBA Home 6

The interior design of the house is kind of modern design with a lot of natural accents. This kind of interior design makes the house feels so cozy and calm as a living place.



RIBA Home 7

The bedroom has the same interior design with another room in this awesome house. Just like its name, it has a wood element for every furniture in the bedroom and also on the bedroom’s floor.


Sky View

RIBA Home 8

Caring wood is created with the high ceiling type. That’s why the architects want to add a sky view by making a pretty window on the top of the house wall.


Home Feature

RIBA Home 9

Caring wood has a good natural light with its white color all over the house wall. It also looks complete with the wooden floor. Those two things create a natural view of the interior design.

via Architecturaldigest

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