Bolton Residence: Two Stacked Rectangular Volumes of A Holiday Home with Forested Landscape

Bolton Residence 9

Bolton Residence is located in Quebec’s Eastern Townships with awe-inspiring views over Mount Orford and the valleys. Designed by Nature Humaine, this holiday home has two stacked rectangular volumes. With the forested landscape, Bolton Residence becomes an interesting addition around the site in Quebec, Canada.


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Nature Humaine is a firm based on Montreal creates two stacked rectangular volumes in this residence. The volumes can hug out of the mountainside from the landscape. The main goal of these two volumes is about creating an interesting sensation of floating within the trees and providing an awesome view that can be seen easily from inside the house.



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The design of Bolton Residence is inspired by the classic gable roofed barns that can be found in the region of the site. The result can create a simple silhouette, showing a rural atmosphere through the contemporary touch a zen-like neutral palette. This rural atmosphere can be made by using some special materials such as grey and steel, pure black accents, and also contrasting pale wood.



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Bolton Residence 9

The interior of this home is minimalist and also spare. This interior design can create a center stage that consists of spectacular framed views and geometric forms. The ceiling has this kind of geometric form that made from wood materials and also painted in black. The color accent of white and black is also added to the strength of its interior look. Those colors are applied on the wall, floor, furniture, and even the fireplace.



Bolton Residence 10

Bolton Residence 11

Bolton Residence 12

The main goal of Nature Humaine from this project is about transforming the visitor’s interactions with the natural world, especially the nature around the site. Bolton Residence is designed as an immersive experience that can influence the emotions and feeling to self-awareness of the importance of nature to be preserved and also maintained.


Bolton Residence

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