El Mirador: A Traditional 17th-Century Canarian House with Inspiring Coastal Vistas

El Mirador 4

The historic past of Canary islands comes to life through this house located in Tenerife, Spain. El Mirador is a traditional 17th-century Canarian house that becomes a unique vacation home rental with inspiring coastal vistas surroundings. The iconic area around this house can create a unique and interesting look which is different from any other vacation home rental ever.


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El Mirador is a part of six independent haciendas. This house is built in a traditional colonial style which is very historical. It has whitewashed silhouettes that can be found around the islands. The entire design has been restored without removing or changing its unique structure. The environment is maintained well to keep its authenticity.



El Mirador 4

El Mirador 6

El Mirador 12

The landscape is combined with the awesome views around the house, complete with the banana plantations and the sea view. With this kind of landscape, El Mirador can be a vacation home rental with amazing original charm. This home also has rich traditions which are lovely and fun for all culture and nature lovers around the world.



El Mirador 7

El Mirador 8

El Mirador 9

El Mirador 5

Just like any other colonial house, the use of wood dominates the design and structure of El Mirador. The ceiling is not high, so the exposed beams on the ceiling can be seen very clearly. The windows are framed with the same wood materials, so does the floor. Although the space of this vacation home rental looks smaller, the comfortable atmosphere inside is already enough to create a memorable holiday in Spain.



El Mirador 10

El Mirador 11

El Mirador 13

El Mirador 14

In the bedroom, the beautiful and colorful flower pattern can be seen on the bed headboard. The pillows are also arranged in the same color of this flower pattern. The same way is also done to the living area with the patterned chair and bananas frames on the wall. White is used as the main background color of this house.

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