AFNY Project 6 7

AFNY Project 6: A New Concept for A Showroom with Moveable Plywood and Frosted Resin Plinths

Desai Chia Architecture is asked by AF New York to design and develop a new concept for a showroom. This 2018 project is called AFNY Project 6 located in New York. The 6000 SF-showroom will feature a curated group of the most talented plumbing fixture design companies in the world. With moveable plywood and frosted resin plinths, the showroom displays can be reconfigured in inventive ways.

LM Guest House 9

LM Guest House: A Guest House with Custom Wood Wall System and Four Steel Columns

LM Guest House sits on a rock outcropping that overlooks a trout pond and open farmland in Dutchess County, NY. This 2,000 SF guest house has vast unobstructed views of the landscape. Completed in 2013, Desai Chia Architecture integrates a number of sustainable design strategies for this house, including a custom wood wall system and 4 steel columns of the structural design.

Montauk House 6

Montauk House: A Family House with An Easy Flow between Indoor and Outdoor Activities

Designed for a family with two young children, Montauk House offers two levels plus a basement with 4,600 SF in size located in Montauk, New York. Completed in 2018, Desai Chia Architecture designs this house with an easy flow between indoor and outdoor activities to promote family interaction. The design of this house also integrates several sustainable design strategies.

Watermill House 2

Watermill House: A New Addition and Renovation of A Traditional Shingled Cottage Home

By merging the renovation project and a new addition together, Desai Chia Architecture expands Watermill House to provide a comfortable cottage. It is a new addition and renovation project of a traditional shingled cottage home with 3,000 SF of renovation area and 1,600 SF of a new addition located in New York. The oriented design is also added to reinforce the relationships between the surrounding landscape and outdoor activities.