Haus Gables: A Holiday Home with Six Gabled Roofs and A Singular Structure

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Located in Atlanta, Georgia, Haus Gables is a unique holiday home. It has six gabled roofs that form a singular structure for the building. This home is designed by Jennifer Bonner from MALL, an architecture office. Haus Gables can accommodate 4 guests with its complete facilities and becomes a fun place to stay with its unusual structure design.


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This holiday home has an ordinary architecture that turned by the architect into unexpected architecture design. It has a slim size with warm elements inside. The interior comes with a contemporary design, created from some combination of different materials like wood, concrete, glass, and unique furniture.



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Haus Gables is engineered and designed as a superstructure. It is composed by cross-laminated timber and also monolithic slats of lumber. The lumbers are glued-together then assembled on the home site, including both interior and exterior area. This process can take this home into a new level of a home structure design.



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The natural color inside this holiday home comes from the softwood on the wall. Other bright colors are also used to beautify and decorate the openness interior. Some parts of the floor and wall in the dining area are painted in yellow. In the kitchen, the marble material is combined with black paint, providing a strong color presence in this room.



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With a connection, open plan interiors, spacious spaces, soaring ceilings, and a lean profile, Haus Gables becomes one of two only unique residences that can be found in the country that designed with cross-laminated timber or CLT. This home is also completed with hand-picked furnishings, offering a new way to organize the spaces.



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From the outside, this holiday home already looks interesting to be seen. The slim form and its long, narrow size are becoming another unique attention for everyone who sees it. The six gabled roofs are the icon for this home, providing an unusual place with unusual structure too to stay during the holiday in Atlanta.


Haus Gables

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