7 Beautiful Front Door Ideas to Lift Up Your Home

Front Door Decor

You can’t judge a book by its cover, but people will judge your home my it’s exterior.

If you’re feeling like your home is looking a little drab, the easiest way to change that up is actually by changing your front door. It’s not something most people even think about but it can make a world of a difference.

We’ve selected seven different front door ideas that can help make your house look a little more snazzy.

  1. Paint It

Short, simple, and to the point. The fasted and easiest way to change your door is to paint it. When it comes to color, anything goes. If you really want a red door—go for it!

You want to make sure you use a gloss or semi-gloss. They are both durable and look nice.

  1. Metal Door

A metal door can be both contemporary and warm. You can even get metal doors in just about any color that you want.

If you’ve never considered a metal door take a look at Provia entry doors to get an idea of how custom-manufactured doors look.

  1. Glass Door

It’s one of the newest trends when it comes to front doors. This can be a standard size door with glass panels or a big oversized door. You can do one big glass door instead of two double doors.

This is perfect if you want to let more natural light into your entryway or living room. If you are worried about privacy then you can always use frosted glass.

4.Pivot Doors

Pivot doors are great if you want to make your home look more modern, or if you already have a modern design.

This design includes a large door that goes from the floor to ceiling that pivots from an access point instead of a regular door that used a hinge attached to the wall.

  1. Dutch Door

Adding a dutch door to your home will give it instant personality. It will also give you extra breathability when the weather is nice while keeping kids and pets inside.

It’s also the perfect way to make your house look more welcoming and give it a little bit of country charm.

  1. Wood and Glass Panel Front Doors

This is slightly different from the solid glass because like much of the rest of your house it incorporates wood panels.

It is a contemporary look that can enhance your home’s architecture while letting in some extra light.

  1. A Beautiful Door Frame

While technically, this isn’t a front door idea, it can still help breathe a little life into your exterior.

You can use a door frame to highlight the features your house already has. A stunning door frame will also help you stand out from the rest.

Your Front Door Ideas

There are so many front door ideas if you don’t know exactly what you want it might leave your head spinning a little bit.

You can take a look at some beautiful homes for inspiration. And remember to take your time, you’ll know what’s right for your home.


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