UB13 11

UB13: A Single-Family Dwelling with An Interior Translucent Glazing System and Cedar Exterior

It is an awesome project of a two-bedroom/two-bath house that designed as a single-family dwelling in Central City. UB13 is designed by URBANbuild with the flexibility to function as either a residence with two rental units with a shared kitchen. This dwelling is built with a combination of the interior translucent glazing system and cedar exterior.

UB04 2

UB04: An Energy-Efficient Building with A Shutter System and Remarkable Qualities

URBANbuild returns with a more conventional stick-built construction after successfully proven that the program can deliver projects on budget and on time with URBANbuild 1-3. URBANbuild 4 or UB04 is designed by having used projects 2 and 3 to experiment and test with prefabricated building systems. It is an energy-efficient building with the invention of a shutter system and remarkable qualities.

UB01 3

UB01: A Single-Level House with the Development of An Extended Front Porch

This project is started in partnership with Neighborhood Housing Services (NHS) in response to receiving a HUD grant when a lot of New Orleanians were just returning to the city after Hurricane Katrina. First built during the summer of 2006, every subcontractor who worked on the first house has worked with URBANbuild ever since. UB01 employs a single-level, three-bedroom, two-bath strategy with the development of an extended front porch.

UB02 5

UB02: A Residential Program with A Two-Story Structure and Vertical Development

As the program’s first project in Central City, New Orleans, UB02 can represent the first step in its commitment to the neighborhood. Through this residential program, URBANbuild and a group of students from Tulane School of Architecture try to improve the quality of life for residents of Central City by designing an awesome house. This house is developed vertically with a two-story structure that creates a reduced footprint.

UB14 3

UB14: An “Infill” Prototype of A Single Level House with A Strong Adaptability

This project is a continuation of research conducted by the Tulane University School of Architecture’s residential design-build program. Located in 1920 Harmony Street, New Orleans, the mission of UB14 is to design and build a single-family dwelling with two bathrooms and bedrooms. A team from URBANbuild also offers one of the significant strengths of this house: adaptability.