Old School Conversion Ons Dorp 9

Old School Conversion ‘Ons Dorp’: A Conversion of School Building with A Bright and Warm Interior

Designed in 2014 and completed in 2015, Old School Conversion ‘Ons Dorp’ is a 100 m2 project of a school building conversion located in Elisabeth Wolffstraat, Amsterdam, Netherlands. This conversion turns the building into different apartments, designed for a family of five. The combination of materials and elements results in a bright and warm interior.

Majanggracht 5

Majanggracht: A New Interior with A Ground Floor Living Kitchen and Split-Level Layouts

Standard Studio designs a new interior for a young family home in Majanggracht, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Majanggracht is a 2015 project that sits on the beautiful KNSM island, designed with a ground floor living kitchen to move out a lot of house functions. With the split-level layouts and big voids, the characteristic for the playfulness of the house can be shown up.

Hermes City Plaza –The Room 7

Hermes City Plaza – The Room: A Residential Building Inspired by Tiny House Movement

An office building, ‘Hermes City Plaza’, is transformed into a residential building by Joyce Kelder from Standard Studio. Hermes City Plaza – The Room is a 2017 project inspired by a tiny house movement to provide 218 student houses in Stadhuisplein 30, Rotterdam, the Netherlands. This student home is completed with a lot of facilities and designed with bamboo as the main material.

NH25 Loft 7

NH25 Loft: A Modern Loft with Six Extra Big Roof Lights and Bright Interiors

Completed in 2017, NH25 Loft is designed by Standard Studio in cooperation with Joyce Kelder. It is a 370 m2 loft project located in the city center of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, a hidden gem that built in the old canal house. In order to provide a lot of lights to the spaces, six extra big roof lights are created. The end result of the project is bright interiors and vibrant open floorplan.

The Ibiza Campo House 10

The Ibiza Campo House: A Contemporary Dream House with Beautiful Authentic ‘Sabina Beams’

This beautiful casita is located on a mountain in the rugged north of Ibiza, Spain. Designed by Standard Studio, The Ibiza Campo House is a transformation from something that formerly served as stables and storage. This 200-year-old Finca is developed by the owner to be their guesthouse and showroom. With 45m2 in size, this 2016 project is completed by preserving the beautiful authentic ‘Sabina beams’.