Herston Gardenhouse: A Multi-Generational Home with A New Structure and Fantastic Outlook

Herston Gardenhouse 6

Consulted by the client after a presentation was given, REFRESH DESIGN informs the homeowners about an investment and lifestyle opportunity of a gardenhouse concept in this project. Started in 2013 and completed in 2014, Herston Gardenhouse is a project of an infill-development located in Herston, Brisbane, Australia. The goal is to achieve a multi-generational home.


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It is an infill-development project that includes developing the function of each room inside the existing house for the next generation, so a multi-generational home can be achieved. There are also a big lifestyle and investment opportunity for a gardenhouse concept that can be used in this project.



Herston Gardenhouse 4

The site of the project slopes uphill with an inclination of more than five-and-a-half meters towards the boundary of the rear. Privacy is also compromised by the adjacent property surroundings. These are some factors that usually considered as limitations but the current design can transform then into an advantage to complete the entire project. From the outside, the existing house looks attractive with its container form, yellow appearance, and glazed walls.

Herston Gardenhouse 5

Inside, the contrast between black and white dominate the rooms. This contrast offers a modern and also elegant look which is perfect for the lifestyle. The living, dining, and kitchen are located on the same floor area. It is not a kind of a big house but with the use of gardenhouse concept and the current design, this house feels more spacious than it seems.



Herston Gardenhouse 6

Herston Gardenhouse 7

For the living areas of the new structure, the fantastic outlook is generated and it is also preserving the neighbor’s aspect at the same time. This project also can maintain privacy for the existing house character and the new gardenhouse. During the development, this privacy remains untouched. The development also includes creating a new structure, especially for the living areas.


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Photographer: Jason Malouin

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