Meeting Street: A Kitchen Renovation with Clean and Classic Interior Design

Meeting Street 2

Usually, the architect from Basic Projects doesn’t want to renovate one room only in a house of the client. But after seeing this beautiful kitchen, they fall in love and decide to do the renovation. With a clean and classic interior design, this small kitchen turns into one of the best spaces in the client house to cook and gather with her family and friends.


Meeting Street 1

Meeting Street 2

Previously, the interior of this kitchen is dark and also messy. The architect tries to renovate it with a clean and classic interior design based on the client wish. That’s why they use natural material like wood and some gold color accents to bring more details of classic design typical. Besides the natural color of wood, this kitchen is also beautified with white wall and tiles.



Meeting Street 3

Meeting Street 4

The first thing that the architect does is replacing the wood tops of the kitchen with marble. They also install white oak shelves and a farm sink. Above the kitchen island, the architect’s favorite porcelain pendants from England is used to highlight the classic interior more clearly. The black stools are paired with the wooden kitchen island, creating a natural look in the middle of the kitchen space.



Meeting Street 5

Meeting Street 6

There are three important elements to renovate this beautiful kitchen. Based on the classic interior design typical, the use of wood material is very important. Another important thing is the natural color like white. In order to strengthen the classic look, the gold elements are brought through some simple things like kitchen sink and kitchen equipment.

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