weeZero: The First Net Zero weeHouse with Sustainable Practices

WeeZero 5

Located in Moab, UT, weeZero is the first net zero weeHouse designed by Alchemy Architects with the best sustainable practices. It is a quiet, hovering, oxidized box with a cool, luxurious bamboo interior inside.

weeZero House

WeeZero 1

WeeZero 2

WeeZero 3

WeeZero 4

WeeZero 5

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From the outside, this house looks like an oxidized box in the middle of a red-rock desert landscape.

The bath and kitchen are surrounded by a cool, luxurious bamboo interior inside this house. This house has a detailed modern design that makes the most of prefab technology.

Solar electric, passive solar, water recycling, and solar thermal collectors are utilized to create a balance in the overall use of energy.

Images Source: Alchemy Architects

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