04 KA161: An Apartment Renovation with Extraordinary Context and Special Vertical Elements

04 KA161 2

It is an apartment renovation project by midnight.green located in the stunning medieval city of Mechelen, Belgium. 04 KA161 is about construction, execution, development, and role design that takes advantage of its extraordinary context. Started in 2019 and still under construction, the renovation gives special attention to its vertical elements such as walls and doors.


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04 KA161 2

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The extraordinary context advantage is taken for this apartment renovation with some decisive factors for the design and development process such as space, orientation, and location. The development process also includes construction, design, and development. The combination of this exceptional combination of roles and their related responsibilities can shape the fundamental basis for the architectural language.



04 KA161 4

04 KA161 5

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This renovation project is a unique venture with continual experimentation and predefined concepts. The vertical elements such as walls and doors get special attention and their influence on the apartment space, ceilings, and floors. There is a contrast between the collective predefined concepts of the elements while the newly setup and form can evoke an individual perception capable of subjective appropriation.



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A beautiful highlight of this apartment comes from the use of different materials, especially wood. Besides a wooden floor, this material is also used to design the door frames and storage. Combined with natural designs from white walls and ceilings, this apartment offers a bright and comfortable atmosphere for its residents.


04 KA161 Gallery

Photographer: Silvia Cappellari

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