Mountain Cottage: An English Cottage with Simple Traditional Interior and A Lot of Frames

Mountain Cottage 8

All staff in Basic Projects who designs this cottage called it as ‘The Dream’. Mountain Cottage belongs to the clients who have ever worked with the architect from Basic Projects. They have a perfect taste about interior design, including how to bring an amazing view in life into it. With simple traditional interior and a lot of frames, Mountain Cottage becomes a warm and comfortable place to stay.


Mountain Cottage 1

Mountain Cottage 2

The traditional interior in this cottage is simple, having an awesome uniqueness of the countryside typical. The interior background is painted in white with a lot of details, including the frames. The client also collects many little gems to decora the traditional interior of this cottage, creating a fun and easy project to do.



Mountain Cottage 3

Mountain Cottage 4

The clients want to have an English cottage located in the NC mountains which is comfortable and warm. Based on this awesome desire, Basic Projects tries to use a lot of patterns, frames, and even books to design the traditional interior in this cottage. The use of wood material also can bring a warmer atmosphere into the interior.



Mountain Cottage 5

Mountain Cottage 6

Mountain Cottage has a double sided wood burning fireplace that can keep the space warm. The materials in this cottage are “family friendly”, allowing the kids to walk through with their muddy boots, easy to be cleaned. All materials come from the English countryside, adding more British look in this English cottage.



Mountain Cottage 7

Mountain Cottage 8

In the kitchen, the natural wood material is painted in white to design this room wall. It is the same white wood that the architect uses to design the entire rooms in this cottage. A beautifully patterned rug is also added to the kitchen floor, it looks matching with the frame on the wall. While in the kid’s bedroom, the same way is also used to decor the floor with a patterned rug.



Mountain Cottage 9

Mountain Cottage 10

Basic Projects doesn’t want to make the traditional interior design in this cottage looks too simple. That’s why they decorate it with some patterns and frames. The patterns come from some interior elements such as rug and curtain. Some artistic frames are displayed in every room in the cottage, together with the arranged book on the bookshelf.


Mountain Cottage

Mountain Cottage 11

Mountain Cottage 12

Mountain Cottage 13

Mountain Cottage 14

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