Spring Street: An Eclectic Interior Design of Small Duplex with Tons of Natural Light

Spring Street 13

This beautiful small duplex owned by an artsy granny. She is an eclectic grandma who loves to travel. Based on this unique personality, the architect from Basic Projects also uses an eclectic interior design to beautify her living place. Spring Sweet is about an interior project with a lot of character and tons of natural light.


Spring Street 1

Spring Street 2

The eclectic interior design in this small duplex is simple and natural. The combination of wooden floor and white wall is perfect to bring tons of natural light. This living place also has a lot of character that comes from some antiqued pieces and the owner collection from her amazing adventure in traveling.



Spring Street 3

Spring Street 4

In order to bring more character, the architect exposes the ceiling with some beams that painted in the same color as the ceiling. Some simple greeneries are also used to decorate the interior and create a natural atmosphere. The eclectic style is added by using different colors on some stuff such as rug and pillow cover in the bedroom.



Spring Street 5

Spring Street 6

Wood becomes the main material to design the eclectic interior in this project, especially the floor. Besides the floor, most of the wooden furniture is also chosen to be matched. With this material, the natural atmosphere can be created easily and strengthen the eclectic style in all rooms and spaces.



Spring Street 7

Spring Street 8

In the bedroom, the eclectic style is added to the bed with black patterned fabric. It also becomes one of cute character for this room. The same thing is also done to the bathroom. The striped shower curtain looks perfect with the white bathtub and yellow patterned rug on the floor. A small pot of greenery is also hanged near the curtain.



Spring Street 9

Spring Street 10

Eclectic interior design is identical to the use of a lot of different colors. Besides the white wall and ceiling, this sweet duplex is also decorated with colorful stuff. In the living room, the colorful rug is added and put on the floor below the wooden table. This rug looks perfect with the beautifully patterned tiles applied on the floor right in front of the fireplace.



Spring Street 11

Spring Street 12

In the dining room, the long wooden table is placed in the middle of the room with a bench and also an adorable chair. This chair is kind of an old chair that has a flower pattern on its surface. On the dining room floor, the large eclectic rug is added to give a warmer feeling while eating the food.



Spring Street 13

Spring Street 14

The kitchen and living room have the same style of eclectic interior design. Both of the rooms are designed in a white background of the wall and ceiling. The natural light comes from the small windows in both of the rooms. The unique character of eclectic accents is added with the patterned rug and antiqued furniture.


Spring Street

Spring Street 15

Spring Street 16

Spring Street 17

Spring Street 18

Spring Street 19

Spring Street 20

Spring Street 21

Spring Street 22

Spring Street 23

Spring Street 24

Spring Street 25

Spring Street 26

Via basicprojects

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