Shades of Grey: An Apartment Demonstration with Modern Interior and Dark Grey Theme

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Shades of Grey is an apartment demonstration located in Shanghai, a 2017 project for China Eagle Group. The apartment design offers a unique synthesis of living in a modern urban life for the people in Shanghai city. This innovative project is developed by Ippolito Fleitz Group, especially for the apartment interior with modern interior and dark grey theme.


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The modern interior in this apartment is developed together with the furnishing concepts. It can demonstrate the design worlds and the individual life schemes in a wide range for all potential buyers around the Shanghai city.



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The floor is designed in herringbone-patterned parquet with a dark grey color. It becomes the main key for the “Shades of Grey” theme. The blue and green color contrasts to each other, creating awesome highlights to support the modern interior design with a calm and elegant atmosphere.



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In order to create the modern interior design, Ippolito Fleitz Group needs to mix and match some materials. The materials are very interesting, including the mirror-glass surfaces and smooth marble. The earth and gold-toned accessories can add an extra luxury touch.



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Today, Shades of Grey turns into a great apartment and also a metropolitan sanctuary. It has awesome views of the Shanghai’s skyline. Through a large glass wall in the living room and bedroom, the skyline can enter the apartment interior freely.



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The grey floor is not only the key to show the dark grey theme. With some grey materials, a grey wall, some types of grey furniture, the theme looks perfect for the whole modern interior. Some glass tables in the living room and a glass shower in the bathroom can add more elegant touches.

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